About Berkshire Capital Partners

Based out of Boulder, Colorado, Berkshire Capital Partners, LLC offers tax resolution services to clients all over the United States. As one of the largest in-house firms in the country, the company employs more than 150 employees with diverse backgrounds ranging from attorneys and certified public accountants to IRS agents. Having already successfully helped thousands of clients since opening in 1998, Berkshire Capital Partners specializes in both corporate and personal tax matters, serving people with tax liabilities ranging from the thousands to the millions of dollars. With a commitment to quality customer service, Berkshire Capital Partners loans money to businesses in need, helping them function during times of financial strife. Additionally, the firm takes control of all correspondence with tax revenue departments during the resolution process, allowing clients to maintain business as usual. Furthermore, the firm protects family members, ensuring their reputation and honor is not soiled. Berkshire Capital Partners maintains a support desk equipped with solutions to any tax quandary. Berkshire Capital Partners offers a number of services. For startup companies, the firm helps resolve tax dilemmas while ensuring significant savings. Clients wishing to protest the tax transcript can receive assistance from the Berkshire Capital Partners team. In order to investigate the matter, the firm will order a tax transcript and compile all the necessary paperwork from the client in order to reconcile the two histories. If a difference is spotted, the firm will write a protest and carry out negotiations until reaching an appropriate settlement. Berkshire Capital Partners also offers experience in levies, appeals, trust fund recovery penalties, asset protection, and lien discharges. Fostering an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Berkshire Capital Partners maintains connections with several professional organizations, including the National Association of Tax Professionals and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. To learn more about the firm, visit BerkshireCapitalPartnersLLC.com.


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